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Good afternoon everyone. First I'd like to thank BIGBOY2480 for letting me post this here. He's a very kind person. The reason I'm making this post is because I need help funding my indiegogo campaign so I can get my comic book enigma up off the ground and into comic book stores.

I also need the funds to pay my fellow indie artists to work on this comic book. Fellow Deviantart artist DualMask will be doing the coloring for my enigma comic.  DualMask is a very cool and awesome artist and his coloring is amazing you can see it here.

Here are some samples from the comic.

Mature Content

Comic Colors for Ebony-Chan by Dualmask

I'll also be using some of the funds to pay other artist and get the book printed which by no means are cheap, plus as a thank you for your donation I will be offering perk gifts as a thank you for you donation.

So please if you can stop by my indiegogo campaign and make a donation,  if you can't make a donation then help out by spreading the word about the Enigma campaign.

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will spread:)
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March 7, 2013


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